greenhook est bien plus qu'un simple cintre

Public awareness of environmental issues has never been greater and consumers are eager for innovative products offering eco-friendly alternatives.

Beyond its environmental and functional properties, greenhookTM also brings added value to your business:

  • It conveys a positive and eco-responsible image of your brand to the public.
  • It sends a strong signal about your environmental commitment.
  • It creates preference for your brand > enhance customer loyalty and seduce new clients.
  • Innovative and fashionable, it has a strong PR potential for your brand.
  • Eco-conceived, greenhookTM is the perfect partner for displaying your ethical or bio clothes collections.

greenhook est bien plus qu'un simple cintre

greenhookTM is :

  • a registered trademark
  • a registered design
  • a patented innovation
  • the result of a long process of R&D and design

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